Our Story

We started our doodle family in Lexington, KY with Daisy. Like most doodle parents, we found one was not enough, so we added Ace and Willow. Before we knew it, we had puppies and fell in love with the them thinking we’d never be able to let them leave. When it was time, we also fell in love with seeing families find their forever pups and loving them as much as we did.

Our doodles are not our business. They are part of our family, as are their pups until their forever family finds them. Because they are our babies, we don’t let them go to any home until we meet the family and know they're going to a great place.

We’ve experienced doodle love and want to share it. Doodles capture your heart like no other. Our families confirm this time and time again as they send us photos of their precious pup and the joy it brings to their family.

We look forward to helping you start your own doodle love story!

We have recently moved just south of Jacksonville, FL! We travel from Florida to visit back home in Kentucky quite often and deliver our babies along the way. We do not allow any of our pups to go to a family we have not met first so if you are interested but not in Kentucky or Florida please reach out and we would be happy to work with you to accommodate!